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About Alya
President, Jam Sweet Jam™

Alya Shafik has always loved to cook, and now she is sharing that love with us as she dares to create natural and unique new salsas, olive spreads, jams and pepper jellies. A friend and willing sampler has told her, “The odder the combination, the better the taste!”

Alya has combined her love for cooking with her creative talents. She has produced an exciting line of products which will wake your palette with unusual and unexpected taste combinations. When friends and family originally sampled her creations, she was encouraged to take the next step of offering samples at local events and craft shows. Her Apricot Pepper Jam quickly gained recognition, with tasters becoming customers, customers placing reorders, and eventually creating the demand that spurred Alya to develop her own company called Cooked with Pride, Inc.

Over the past four years, Alya has won eleven ribbons for her creations at the Minnesota State Fair. She shops farmers’ markets to get the freshest fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and uses no preservatives or artificial flavorings. Each product has a delightful texture and an intense flavor that will keep you wanting more. The jams are not excessively sweet, but sweetly satisfying. The spreads and salsas are excellent appetizers, served well with cheese and crackers or chips.

As you explore Alya’s product line, you will notice their unique presentation. Her down-home country products all come in jars enhanced by a delightful array of fabrics. The homemade look of each jar reflects the authenticity of her handiwork in the kitchen. All are lovely as individual gifts, additions to gift baskets, or to decorate a table as you delight your family and friends with the delicious new find inside each jar.

Alya’s creative nature will never allow her to be satisfied with the existing product line; she will continue trying new combinations and making them available to you. You will find new ways to enjoy old favorites. Will you be brave enough to try some NEW favorites, like Pineapple Pepper Jelly?!

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